Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here is our faithful van. She is almost 12. She recently had 3 well deserved days at the spa.
(Mechanic, but don't tell her!)

She had a door handle repaired, 2 new side mirrors installed, tires, oil and lube job, transmission something-or-other, etc., etc.

See these small slits? The ones that are hardly noticeable in the console?
The AC, radio and CD have just not been working great for a while, so we had it opened up to investigate...


$90.00 worth of change!

At least that is what I paid to have it removed, thanks T & T.


Matthews Family said...

Ryan did the same thing to our truck radio. The really bad part of that is we where in Ouray Colorado and had nothing to listen to on our way home. Glad everything is working agian.

Shelley said...

Reminds me of when we had our 100 year old piano overhauled. It had lived in a home with 8 children for many many years. The fun part was giving one of the boys who grew up with it, now 18, a bag of goodies that were found within.