Thursday, August 5, 2010

I have been absent. I am continually thinking of things that I just need to write, but then... dang.

#1 My back went out.
Chalk it up to being out of shape and bending/reaching incorrectly and the result is trouble.
That was a Thursday. I was basically out of commission until the following Thursday. I even postponed leaving for a trip I had been looking forward to all summer. Then I decided that I could lay around at home while the world around me fell apart, or I could just suffer through the drive and get to the cabin where Mom and my sisters would feed my children and keep them safe. I did suffer through the drive and then nursed my back for a few days. It was time well spent.

#2 We went to reunion #2. Layton's in Pinetop. When I was unable to go to girls camp due to a change in R's work schedule, he suggested I go early to the reunion. My back injury almost threw off that plan. Fortunately, I was still able to enjoy the reunion. Some of the highlights were seeing family who live elsewhere, watching the kids on the waterfall by the pond, hearing Grandma enjoy that I have learned to make jam, rainstorms under the awning, afternoon naps, and the lady who wore her squaredancing dress from the 50's to church :)

With a quick stop at home to do laundry and pack, again, I left once more.

#3 It dawned on us recently that in order for K to get a campus job, she had to be on campus. Yes, we are sometimes kind-of slow. Even though school doesn't start until the 30th, that is where I am, now, Provo, Ut. It has been a fun adventure with a few oddities here and there.
I have the 2 Tr's with me and K and most of her stuff, and Mom. She came for moral support and to be a driver for the trip home after we leave K. While at the reunion, 2 of my sisters heard the plan and decided to come along for the fun. They are 2 moms driving Bluebell the 12 passenger van with 10 children, 10 and under onboard. It has been a lot of fun.

#4 Today was spent on campus. We read job listings, applied for jobs, bought treats at the candy counter, visited professors in the music dept., toured and measured the dorm, and ate and played at the park.

#5 Tomorrow I will drop off K to live with a cousin and her husband. She will stay with them while she continues the job hunt before she can move into her dorm on the 25th. We will enjoy dinner together.

Then, on Saturday, I will leave and K will stay here.

I hope she starts a blog so I can see what is going on!


Matthews Family said...

Holy cow lady what a crazy few weeks. I am glad to hear that your back is doing better. That is so painful. Mine went out the week we moved. Fun right. That is so exciting for K I hope she finds the job she wants. I agree with your mom K you need to start a blog.

jen said...

I should be shocked you stopped at the candy counter, right?

Good luck with tomorrow. At least you have lots of moral support around you.

Tonya Freestone & Family said...

I can see why your life is so busy! I hope you will get a little more rest once school is back.

Shelley said...

What fun moral support!!! K is going to have a great time, you have raised her wonderfully! I do want to hear more of the stories that went on in that van full of fun! I am glad your back is doing you can really pick up the pace! :)

Kristin said...

Jen I bet it is so fun to be on campus again. Time flies by! Can you believe you are there with your own daughter now, and it is not me and you counting down the days until Thanksgiving break?

I hope she has as many wonderful memories up there as I have. What dorms is she living in? Helaman or Heritage? Does she know her roommate or is she just going with the luck of the draw?

Drive safely on your way back! I bet it has been so fun to have your mom there with you too. Tell her I said hi!
Love ya, Kristin

Allyson & Jere said...

Ahhh how I love the start of a new year up at BYU. It's such a fun place and a great feeling. And I REALLY love the candy counter, especially since Tucker is working there. Good luck to K finding a job. And good luck to you leaving behind your first born.