Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Word

My friend Jenny from the Denton Sanatorium challenged readers last week to think of a word that describes them. One word, and post it today. I have been thinking hard.

There are many words I would like to be:

The list goes on.

I had to look at my life, my aspirations, my environment, to see what I am.

I looked for a word that was defined as "a much anticipated masterpiece". That is what I like to think I am. Do any of you know what that word would be? I couldn't find it anywhere, but then again, my vocabulary has decreased over the years. If my toddlers can't understand it, chances are, I may not, either.

I am unfinished.

Not glamorous, not hopeless.

It is evident in my character foibles,
unmet deadlines,
laundry piles,
to do lists,

It leaves me room to change, accomplish, learn, become.

I like it.


Sue said...

So do I. In fact, I love it!

Great word.


Laraine Eddington said...

You are finished enough to be wonderful. I can't wait to see what you look like when you're done!

p.s. Thank goodness you don't have to watch the Emmy's to make fun of the dresses.

jen said...

Fantastic word! Fantastic! I love what it implies.

Shelley said...

I would have to say that sums up all of us! It truly does. You are all of those wonderful things you listed and more. And I am so glad you are related to me!