Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hot August Nights

One thing we love about our home is the yard. Specifically, we love that the garden half of the yard is flood irrigated. A couple of months ago, we hauled dirt and formed a barrier in the middle so that the trees are irrigated, but the rows are not. It cuts down on weeds to water the rows by a drip system... and really, who needs weeds?

Our berm has caused me grief.
Ron's question to me: "Why is it that whenever I irrigate the berm is fine, but when you irrigate, it all washes away?"
Who has time to ponder such things, really?

So on this hot August night, we once again, rebuild the berm.

And one of us goes skinny dipping.Lesson learned: figure out why the berm washes away so I won't have to rebuild it, AGAIN!

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Tonya Freestone & Family said...

Bets thing about being young, running around naked! He! He!! I had to laugh. Thanks!