Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I might die... or cry...

I feel pretty sick.
Some pictures are missing.
Ballet pictures.
...and pictures of T applying lip gloss for 20 minutes before her 1st ballet lesson.

I was going to blog them last night, but I can't find them ANYWHERE!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Me: I am still a busy mom and wife. I am still collecting coupons and am actually enjoying doing it :) On my first attempt to use the carefully cut scraps, I saved 50% on my shopping trip! Nice! It's been a month since I started a new book. I started one, but it didn't hold my attention... I'll try it again, soon. I open my doors each morning with the hope that the air will be brisk... no such luck, yet! I keep having great ideas for projects around my home, but seriously lack the vision to get them going. That frustrates me. i hope to be finished with my Christmas shopping before Halloween... doing very well so far! I have a friend who calls me Pollyanna. I like that.

(R and I with Dr. Richard Carmona, former Surgeon General of the United States)

R: now Chief of Physical Therapy at work. It was a long time coming! He's definitely the brains of this operation. R organized a day trip for us all to the Tonto Natural Bridge last weekend. It's one of our favorite family outings! He also takes very seriously his responsibility to lead and guide our family's spiritual growth. He is the one who makes sure we have family home evening and study the scriptures together. That is such a huge blessing for our family.

K: She's in her 2nd year at BYU. K has a great condo and great roommates. In her choir, Singers, she is singing alto for the first time in her life. She loves it, and it gives her a great opportunity to focus on training her soprano solo voice. The Singers will head to England this summer, so K is looking forward to that! Granny & Opa are picking up K tomorrow to spend the weekend with them in SLC. The following weekend, she will be here with us so she can be here for a friend's wedding. Hooray!

L: is as busy as ever. Drum line is pretty much the coolest group on campus. It is so fun for him, but is also a huge time commitment. Marching competition season is upon us. That means extra evenings and Saturdays. He's doing really well in his classes and choir, luckily! L just passed the board of review required for him to receive his Eagle Scout award. Hooray, again! I guess the next project will be driving...

J: Started wrestling at the Jr. High. Unfortunately (for him, not me), he broke his right pinky finger in the first match. (I had to explain to J how fortunate this is that his dad can make his splint in the kitchen and that people pay lots of money for custom splints. He still didn't think it was cool...)

This boy is an excellent student. His teachers really love him. Sometimes, he surprises me in the middle of the day by bursting through the front door and then out just as quickly as he's forgotten a book, or paper, or something. Lucky for him classes are right across the street and he is really fast during his 5 min passing period!

L: Is progressing in karate pretty quickly. His sensei says he's a natural! L just worked hard and received his arrow of light award in webelo scouts. L is my best and fastest dishwasher emptier and potty scrubber... although not simultaneously... ewwww! L likes that his teacher has a lot of their 5th grade homework posted online because it gives him a great excuse to use the computer.

T: has started pre-school 3 days a week. He is in angel school at Rita Lyon's and has fun new friends there. He pays attention well and writes well, too. At least it's legible, so far! He thinks he's outgrown naps, but is sure exhausted by the end of the day. I can still get him to snuggle by me for a bit if I promise some time playing Wizmo's Workhop or Wii. Funny boy! I love that he loooooves to help!

T: takes a ballet class on Tuesday mornings. She absolutely loves it, and that is probably an understatement. She will sit and apply lip gloss or chapstick for as long as I let her. A couple of weeks ago, as she and I watched the homecoming assembly at the High School, she grabbed my face between her 2 hands and said "Mom, I want to be them!" as she watched the pommies and cheerleaders perform. She was mesmerized. T just turned 3 and got a small version of Ariels wedding dress. She wears it whenever and where ever she can!

We are healthy, happy, and mostly, oh so very blessed. xoxoxo

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm In...

A friend of mine started couponing (is that a word?) about 4 months ago and has started to "save her family TONS of money".
Who wouldn't want to do that? I do...
So, the other day, when she was here cutting every head except mine and then 1 extra head, too, she explained her method.
She mentioned that she was having a class at her house, being taught by the expert who taught her all she knows.
She invited me and I was busy, dang.
Today, R informed me that he thought this could be really useful for our family and if I couldn't go, he would.
He's brave like that. Rooms full of women don't scare him.
I re-arranged my schedule.
Yes, the method involves a paid website.
Yes, I subscribed to that and multiple copies of the Sunday paper which will be pilfered for their coupons and then promptly tossed in the recycle bin.
Yes, I may have just proved to the world that I am looney. I feel it.
Or, I may actually save a few bucks and get to go on a trip with my hubby as a reward.
That's VERY big incentive to make it work.
I'll let you know how it goes, but give me several weeks to build up my stockpile of coupons before I start the actual savings...

I am a skeptic... R is a believer :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things I've Remembered This Summer

#1 I love to read...

I have enjoyed several books, lately, but most recently finished a great 6 book series called The Great and Terrible, by Chris Stewart. Thanks, Dentons for the great suggestion!

#2 4 yr old boys are one of our Heavenly Father's most wonderful creations, EVER!

T is just a busy body, cracking-up, diggin in the sand box, popsicle eating, hard sleeping, snuggly, board-game and wii playing, tree climbing, sister teasing, joke telling, song singing bundle of wonderful who is constantly asking me, "What can I do heyopfuw?" (translation... helpful) Oh, I just love that boy!!!

#3 Summers in AZ are toooooooo hot!

With both of our extended families living here, we keep wondering just who's great idea it was to stay! I mean, come-on, there are sooooo many not so hot much prettier places to live than here! I like it just fine, but when I don't get to escape the heat at least for a few days during the summer, my brain frys like an egg on the sidewalk outside...

#4 Everyone loves to be loved.

It is a common denominator. Being kind to people feels good to them and me.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dog Days of Summer: Robin Hood Edition

Basically, here is July...

Monday through Friday practices from 3-6.

First, Saturday mornings, and then all day.

R made and donated 10 swords "cause they needed cool ones".

Smiles on the faces of Little John and Gideon (the sheriff's left hand man)

A proud and excited little brother.

...and grandparents...
A week of performances at the Mesa Arts Center.

I just cannot say enough about AYT...
We love them!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer: Bug Wars Edition




(And, no, I am not raising anti-social serial killers... we would never think of harming something cute or cuddly... like I said, it's in the name of science...)

This is an emerald jewel wasp...

Carefully saved in a jar on the counter until nightfall, when the boys could catch this...

a scorpion...

Combined into one jar/arena...

Make sure that lid is on TIGHT!

Who won?

The wasp!
How, you ask? After watching a little you-tube video to enlighten ourselves, we learned that the poison that the wasp carries "zombifies" its' prey.That was more than I wanted to know about a creature found in my backyard... we carefully placed the jar containing both bugs in the freezer overnight. We then put the popsicled bugs in the green barrel with all the other organic materials headed to the composting place... good riddance!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

She's Developed an Opinion...

"No bows!!!"

...well, ok. If that's how you feel about it...
Luckily, I can still get away with it if she doesn't notice when I tie them in :)

Monday, July 11, 2011


For several weeks now, I have been hand feeding a bird.

It's no fancy bird...
It's the fall-out-of-a-tree-too-young-to-fly-or-feed-itself kind of bird.

I taught it to fly making it exercise it's wings giving it that little nudge over the edge even giving it a little toss...
now it can flutter across the kitchen to land on my head
and more importantly,
across the yard.

It still eats baby bird mash from a syringe and pecks a few seeds.
I have a feeling that it is old enough to not be hand-fed,
but I'm not quite sure how to teach it that.
And, we named it Winky.

While I do see a really great parenting correlation here,
at the moment, I'm not looking for lessons, it's all about irony...

While driving in my van this morning,
I hit 2 birds...2!!!

Who does that?
I have been driving for 24 years and this is a first for me!
One, ran straight out in front of me and ended up a puff of feathers in my rear-view mirror.
The other swooped low across a major road and after hitting my grill, flopped into on-coming traffic.
After the first one, I was in shock.
The second one...
All I could do was scream and then laugh like a lunatic...
My boys, all of them, thought it was hilarious!

So what is to become of Winky?
I would like to know.
He has some outside time each day, but just doesn't fit in with the other birds.(He even flys away from them, I think I need to put a mirror in his cage...)
He doesn't even look like them , really...
he cocks his head funny,
his feathers are ruffled,
and he doesn't keep his wings tucked up tight.
He had no bird mom to teach him bird hygiene or bird posture.

So here I am, a person with NO PETS, raising a wild animal in my kitchen and killing 2 others in the same day.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Les Mis

When Les Miserables came to Tempe in June, R was determined to take our 4 oldest kids.
They all know the music and were as excited as can be.
We realized a week prior, that L had cub scout day camp and couldn't go...lucky me... I got his ticket.(I have seen the show before, and didn't think we needed to spend the $ for me to go with R and the kids.)
The music WAS amazing, but we were disappointed in the raunchiness of a couple of scenes.
I KNOW what the story is... I HAVE read the book... I KNOW it's art...
It just didn't NEED to be so graphic... leave a little to the imagination, please!

Before the show, R got an email announcing a question and answer session with some of the cast immediately following the show.
That was amazing.
We met the crew member in-charge of all the moving parts on the set, the actors who played Combferre, M & Mme Thernardier and Jean Valjean.
They were so kind and happy to chat.

We were all super impressed by this percussion pit. Here's the drum set... This and more all played by ONE percussionist!

At the END of the month, L performed in the school edition of the same play.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but captured a few blurry photos with my cell phone...
He played the bishop, Combferre (a student), and in the ensemble.He had a great time and did a great job.So many people commented to me on his really nice voice...
cause it IS reeeaalllly nice!

After the last performance, all the cast and audience went outside and enjoyed Mesa's great fireworks show.As the fireworks exploded overhead, all the cast sang "Can You Hear the People Sing".

They will remember that forever.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun at the Freedom Festival

Huge props go out to Mesa for hosting the Freedom Festival on Main St. Friday and Saturday.
We happened upon the festival by chance
and were soooo lucky we did.

We went on Friday, with hopes of seeing fireworks...
knowing that I was busy on Saturday...
not knowing where to watch them on the 4th.

There were NO fireworks on Friday.
This said, the festival was still worth every minute we spent there.

One area was kids' carnival games and a fishing demonstration. FREE

One area was bouncers. FREE

One area was water slides and water bouncers. FREE

Concerts. FREE.

We played and strolled and danced in the street.

We admired the flags
and memorials of fallen soldiers
and the model of the USS Arizona
and the models of some of the sights in the nations capitol.

We ate dinner and a treat.
(For less than $20!)

We stayed until the last possible minute
and had
so. much. fun.

Happy Birthday America!