Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun at the Freedom Festival

Huge props go out to Mesa for hosting the Freedom Festival on Main St. Friday and Saturday.
We happened upon the festival by chance
and were soooo lucky we did.

We went on Friday, with hopes of seeing fireworks...
knowing that I was busy on Saturday...
not knowing where to watch them on the 4th.

There were NO fireworks on Friday.
This said, the festival was still worth every minute we spent there.

One area was kids' carnival games and a fishing demonstration. FREE

One area was bouncers. FREE

One area was water slides and water bouncers. FREE

Concerts. FREE.

We played and strolled and danced in the street.

We admired the flags
and memorials of fallen soldiers
and the model of the USS Arizona
and the models of some of the sights in the nations capitol.

We ate dinner and a treat.
(For less than $20!)

We stayed until the last possible minute
and had
so. much. fun.

Happy Birthday America!


jen said...

Ben's eagle project was the banners. It was fun, wasn't it?

The Porter Family said...

Loved it too. Thanks for the great tips