Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy July... Where did June Go?

July is one of my favorite months.

I love that July means we are in the middle of the year.
I love July means we are intrenched in summer.
I love that July comes with patriotic celebrations.
I love that July means more sweet corn and watermelon.
I love that July brings a lot of time to splash in the pool with cousins and slip slide at Sunsplash.
I love that July reminds me that my Pioneer ancestors completed the trek.

We are smack in the middle of all of our summer stuff.
Stuff means... summer theater, summer school, and summer schedule.
All important.

Our 3 big boys are busy with performances and rehearsals with AYT.
L is enjoying his week of performances in Les Mis at the Mesa Arts Center. Every performance is sold out and there are rumors of extending a week if another theater can be found quickly. L is in the ensemble and plays the Bishop and Combferre (a student). You can find him in just about every scene.
Ja and L just started rehearsals for Robin Hood. It will also be performed at the Mesa Arts Center, but not until the last week of July.
The downside of having all these stars in the family is that I have given up any chance of heading out of town to escape the heat...

L is taking summer school each morning. We have found it to be an unpleasant necessity for the kids in high school who take a lot of music and release time seminary. But at the same time, the payback for him is marching band, drumline, and choir. He is so excited for his upcoming senior year!

Summer schedule has been the hardest for me to love. The kids want to stay up late and then sleep in... duh! But with the temperatures soaring, no one has any productive energy after about noon. That means we get the important things done early, or not at all. And for me, that just isn't an option. Some days I feel like a slave driver and it has been hard for me to find a good balance of work and fun. We have tried to compromise by having Fridays officially dubbed "Sleep in Day". It's been very popular :)

One other thing I love about this July... I am about 1/2 way finished Christmas shopping!
Shhhhhh... don't tell...

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