Friday, July 8, 2011

Les Mis

When Les Miserables came to Tempe in June, R was determined to take our 4 oldest kids.
They all know the music and were as excited as can be.
We realized a week prior, that L had cub scout day camp and couldn't go...lucky me... I got his ticket.(I have seen the show before, and didn't think we needed to spend the $ for me to go with R and the kids.)
The music WAS amazing, but we were disappointed in the raunchiness of a couple of scenes.
I KNOW what the story is... I HAVE read the book... I KNOW it's art...
It just didn't NEED to be so graphic... leave a little to the imagination, please!

Before the show, R got an email announcing a question and answer session with some of the cast immediately following the show.
That was amazing.
We met the crew member in-charge of all the moving parts on the set, the actors who played Combferre, M & Mme Thernardier and Jean Valjean.
They were so kind and happy to chat.

We were all super impressed by this percussion pit. Here's the drum set... This and more all played by ONE percussionist!

At the END of the month, L performed in the school edition of the same play.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but captured a few blurry photos with my cell phone...
He played the bishop, Combferre (a student), and in the ensemble.He had a great time and did a great job.So many people commented to me on his really nice voice...
cause it IS reeeaalllly nice!

After the last performance, all the cast and audience went outside and enjoyed Mesa's great fireworks show.As the fireworks exploded overhead, all the cast sang "Can You Hear the People Sing".

They will remember that forever.

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Velika said...

I am so glad to finally find someone else who thinks that about Les Mis! I felt the same way after I saw it a few years back and it always seemed to me that everyone else loved it. We were bummed that we missed Layton's show. Hopefully we can catch the next one, I'm glad it went well.