Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, Monday

I started the week off by staying up til midnight Sunday night. It seems that J, in jr. high, had a book project due today that takes the place of the class final. I intended to stay up with him for the duration, but at 12, I could no longer keep my eyes opened as I tried to help him type. I told him to keep working and let me know if he needed anything in particular. I would just rest a little on the couch...

I guess at 2, he told me he was finished for the night and we could work some more in the morning.

R found us curled up on the couch and chair at 5 am and wondered why I wasn't curled up by him:)

At 8, I had an appointment for my yearly physical. Pleasantly, I was informed that I was off the hook for a pap smear this year, but was ready for another rite of passage: scheduling my first mammogram. Pleasant, I don't think so, but important, yes. At least it's not the dentist.
(WhichI also need to schedule, but am a huge baby about...)

When I got back home, we finished the book project just in time for me to pack J a lunch and send him out the door. He even combed his hair!

Only a few days of school left and we have finished another year. It always feels like such a huge relief! I do have to admit, though, that since we changed 4th grade schools in January, life has been much more pleasant for L, and for me. He is a happier boy who is enjoying school as a 4th grader should:)

As for summer, 3 of our 6 have auditioned for productions with Actors Youth Theatre. We have had children in their productions in previous years and love them. J and L will be doing Robin Hood in July. L will be in Les Mis in June. Both shows will be preformed at the Mesa Arts Center. With rehearsals, scout camps, summer school and band camp, we will be at home this summer, but at the water park in our "free" time, thanks to Santa.

Besides having these obvious commitments, I am hoping to accomplish other things as well. I have started to accumulate wish lists from my kids and hope to incorporate as many of those summer fun ideas into the schedule.

We will have chores and projects and fun. Hopefully!

First things first, happy end of school!

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