Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Life Lesson From Millionaire...

Remember the show?
The contestant is asked increasingly difficult questions for increasing dollar amounts... as the contestant is stumped, they have 3 lifelines to use. Friends who have the answer in a jam...

A recent tough question asked by L after a day of fishing... "Now what do I do?" The question was asked as he pulled 2 catfish from my gallon size igloo thermos. One was dead, one wasn't.

My solution: Phone a Friend...

Joe said he would be right over.

He brought an electric fillet knife in it's own attractive carrying case. This knife had click on battery packs similar to R's power drill and leaf blower.

He demonstrated the procedure and then let the boys try their hand.I love this one with T peeking through!

Before he left, Joe had me grab a pen and paper and write down a recipe. THE recipe. I had written off eating catfish after my one other attempt to cook it for my family. This time, it was fantastic! We all loved it and even T kept asking for "more fish"!

Now, theoretically, we know what to do for next time.
I will still probably still phone a friend!

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Laraine Eddington said...

Only a true friend filets a catfish for you. You are so lucky.