Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things I've Remembered This Summer

#1 I love to read...

I have enjoyed several books, lately, but most recently finished a great 6 book series called The Great and Terrible, by Chris Stewart. Thanks, Dentons for the great suggestion!

#2 4 yr old boys are one of our Heavenly Father's most wonderful creations, EVER!

T is just a busy body, cracking-up, diggin in the sand box, popsicle eating, hard sleeping, snuggly, board-game and wii playing, tree climbing, sister teasing, joke telling, song singing bundle of wonderful who is constantly asking me, "What can I do heyopfuw?" (translation... helpful) Oh, I just love that boy!!!

#3 Summers in AZ are toooooooo hot!

With both of our extended families living here, we keep wondering just who's great idea it was to stay! I mean, come-on, there are sooooo many not so hot much prettier places to live than here! I like it just fine, but when I don't get to escape the heat at least for a few days during the summer, my brain frys like an egg on the sidewalk outside...

#4 Everyone loves to be loved.

It is a common denominator. Being kind to people feels good to them and me.


jen said...

I have yet to read them. But my boys thought they were great. Maybe next on my list?

Koi said...

Ditto #2!