Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am no Bobby Flay!

See this bad boy?
(off-centered as it is, sorry)
I love grilled food. I am not a griller.

I had a lovely play date with a friend and her boys which ended up including a delicious, yummy lunch.

Naked grilled chicken. Completely bare except for it's grill stripes.

I loved it and I had never had it before.

How hard could it be?
I followed the directions on the package: Grill until the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees F.

We had beautifully grilled chicken bricks for dinner. If you could crack through the outside, you could tear away some edible shreds, inside.

It still wasn't half bad when dipped in Bill Johnsons Original, thank-goodness.

The best part is that my sweet family all ate it (or snuck it into the garbage can) without complaining!

Thanks, gentlemen!


Julz said...

I wish I could grill too, let me know if you figue it out!

Sue said...

That's what always happens to me when I try to replicate the culinary efforts of others. Sometimes, it's quite discouraging!


PS. But, like yours, my husband and kids have learned to be very good sports...