Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today, I am bragging about...


She found out this morning that she made it into BYU SINGERS!

BYU Singers

Brigham Young University Singers is a small, select choir of flexible singer-musicians. As one of the major touring ensembles of the university, the Singers have traveled throughout the United States, including Hawaii; twice to Russia; three times to Israel; to Australia and New Zealand; to the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, including the Baltic States; to West Africa; and to South Africa. The choir traveled through the British Isles in May 2009, placing second in the Fleischmann International Trophy Competition at the Cork International Choral Festival. The choir has attained the reputation of a captivating, versatile choir with an impressive range of repertoire and style.

This choir RARELY auditions freshmen, but she had a great recommendation that helped her get in the door and then she took it from there. The audition process had 3 parts and then soprano call backs were last night. While posting the results, the director paid her some very nice compliments.

We are SO HAPPY for Karli.

She has always been determined and hard working and we look forward to the great concerts and the adventures she will have.

I guess we will be making a few more trips to Provo!


Julz said...

very cool, congrats!

Layton Mom said...

Yay for Karli! And you of course.

jen said...

This sounds great, but I don't know anything about the choir. It sounds kinda like Harry Potter making the Quidditch team as a first-year. Right?
I knew she was that good! I knew it!

K.C. + Sherry Layton said...

we are soo very proud and amazed at Karli! she is so talented and beautiful!! she is going to have such amazing experiences in Utah! give her a big hug for me if you are still there! and too all your other kiddos, ron and your self!!! i love you all!!

Andrea Gunnell said...

Congrats to Karli. She has such an amazing voice that will give her so many incredible experiences. Very cool!

Kristin said...

Jen, that is awesome!! How fun for her and you too!