Friday, September 24, 2010

Be There

Last night, K had her first big deal, real concert at BYU as a Singer. She has another performance tonight. I wish I was there. Listening. Watching. Supporting. Enjoying.

When K was choosing where to go to school, I remember telling her that if she was at NAU I would be able to come to more of her performances. No such luck.

We are so happy with her choice, but still wish we could be there.

With 6, R and I are usually spread thin. Too many nights are double, triple and even more over-booked. Usually, we divide and conquer... or hope to conquer. He goes one way, I go another, we meet up, swap babies, cab duties, etc., just so that we can be there.

Friday, though, was a real treat. 2 boys, 1 activity. Jackpot.

The weather was perfect and we had popcorn and licorice. We were ready!

L is on the drum line at Mt. V. for his second year. J plays in an advanced band in his first year at P Jr. High. J switches between trumpet, baritone, and tuba/sousaphone.
Each year, the high school marching band invites all of the jr. high bands that feed into it to come for jr. high night. The bands rehearse, eat pizza, play stand tunes, and perform at half time. It really gets the jr. high kids excited about adventures to come. Except J. He performed that night with the sousaphone and decided he will never march with one again. Who can blame him?

Yes, she fell asleep for an hour, right in the middle of all the fun!

It was so nice to be there.


jen said...

Seriously! On his head? Hilarious.
And I can't blame him for not wanting to haul that huge horn around . . . but it might wake his sister up.
Sorry you're missing the concert. That's one of the hardest things with the kids leaving--you miss so much.

paige said...

Isn't it great when you can enjoy something like that. Looks like a great time!