Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have always know that being a parent comes with inherent sacrifices.

I didn't know this was one of them.

Since K left for school with our 1 good flat iron, my hair has looked like this.
I feel like my un-done tresses could be used by Larainy Days if she did a "Help This Hair!" post.

I love how my hair looks after a great cut and blow dry

I tried this...

Apparently, I have NO SKILLS.
I won't even post the picture.

I was ecstatic when I saw this beauty on sale at Marshalls.
And it's pink, bonus!

I washed and dried and creamy-conditioned.
I even flat-iron-heat-protection treated.


Um, yeah...

That baby is going straight back to Marshalls.

And I am going to have to splurge for an actual usable of a flat-iron.


Kristin said...

OK Jen...that is sad :( I can't believe our little purchase was such a flop! Try going to Sally's and buying a GVP (generic value product) flat iron. I have had good success with that brand--my hair stylist (doesn't that make me sound fancy) recommended it.

Wish I would have known and I would have picked up a Chi for you at Snowflakes sweet corn festival.

K.C. + Sherry Layton said...

ya unfortunately, you cant go cheap on a flat iron! especially with your luscious hair :) if you would like a good one i can ask Deena to pick you up one next time she goes to the beauty supply and she can just bring it to epic for you to pick up.

Alleman Family said...

I don't actually flat iron my hair, but I've been told that the CHI is the very best... no generics. Good luck justifying THAT $120 purchase!! Yep, I have read Mockingjay. Can't say I LOVED it. I liked it a lot but the first one was such a novel concept that the other 2 fell a bit flat for me. Have you read The Maze Runner? Read the first one and #2 comes out in october. SUPER good. :)

Matthews Family said...

Go to Sally's I got mine there for $15.00 it's the same one the Koe uses so it is good.

jen said...

I actually had this discussion with my VTers this morning. I will NEVER have to use a straightener. And I envy anyone who has to.
And thanks for your phone message of encouragement. This is a scary job!

Laraine Eddington said...

Do they really sell flat irons at the Sweet Corn Festival? Wow, Snowflake/Taylor has really arrived. Sorry I can't recommend a flat iron. I iron my hair about as often as I iron Mark's shirts.