Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Time

For what? I just am not sure.

I have remembered, just now, something that I have told my children over and over.

"When everyone and everything is bothering you, it isn't them with the problem."

After I whisper these words in the ear of an overly frustrated child, I usually try to lovingly escort them to a quiet place where they can be alone. They may read, nap, have a snack... doesn't matter. They can re-center, re-evaluate, re-adjust, re-new. They may emerge when they have found their smile. Sometimes it takes a while, but I make sure to let them know they are not in trouble or grounded. I just help them to make a graceful exit.

So now, I try to figure out what the problem is. With the heat of summer sucking the life out of Arizona, I think it is doing the same to me. At the same time, something is stirring. Surprising breezes in the evenings and more...

I just can't put my finger on it, yet, but it feels like change is coming. Change always comes. As much as I profess to like adventure, I also like predictability. (That is why R is so right for me.) I feel like I need to batten down the hatches. I would even sit on my chicks, but I am sure they wouldn't like it!

Maybe I am simply feeling the weight of undone-ness. Corners, projects, a pile of zucchini and a crate of apples to use before they decay are all calling to me relentlessly... The children are growing up minute by minute... able and needing to do more and learn more.

The new list and responsibilities for the children are slowly making a difference. One of my favorite new assignments is that the 4 olders each have a night to plan and prepare dinner. I shop and assist. Try it, you'll like it!

Tonight, we even had an impromptu dinner with friends... The ones who let us live in their home for 6 months and still like us. We ate, laughed, talked and teased.

When they had gone, we talked about the good people in our lives. They enrich us and bless us.

They teach and inspire.
They motivate.
They don't notice what is un-done.
They even help when we need to make a graceful exit.

So, whatever it is time for, we are ready.


jen said...

You'll be able to put your finger on it, I'm sure, around September first. Then you'll see.

Tonya Freestone & Family said...

Our envoirment can add something to all of our behavoirs including our kids. I am always glad when it cools down some gives us a break from the heat specailly even better when don't have ac in vechile.