Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Have People

I think I must be one of the smartest people I know. HAHAHAHA... Yes, it is funny :) Seriously, though, I admit to being proficient in many skills, while not expert in any. The reason I am ok with that, is one little secret...

I have people.

My friends are the most amazing people ever! Collectively, they can do ANYTHING!

And... it's a darn good thing, cause I need a lot of help and they ALWAYS come through!

For example... My project for the next couple of days...




You may ask how this came about... good question!

I have 2 sisters who make cakes of all types and have been paid for their talents. My Indiana, soon to be Washington, sister specializes in using fondant. When we have had the treat of E being in town, I have watched her at work. I think it is amazing.

A few months ago, a new friend in my ward said she was making a wedding cake for a niece, but the niece wanted fondant. She had never used it before, but had heard somewhere that I had. Together, we helped my sister make the fondant and decorate our little brother's wedding cake.

Skip to now. This same friend agreed to do the wedding cake for a friend in our ward. As a gift. Knowing she had a busy summer schedule, asked me to be the assistant.
Of course, I would be happy to.

Now, she is out of town with her daughter and a new grandson.

Now, I am the head baker/decorator.

I have made the fondant.
I am baking the top layer that will be sliced and shared.
I am gathering the pedestal, ribbons, styrofoam forms, etc.

I have called my people... in this case, my sisters.

They are coming Friday afternoon.

We will make a gorgeous cake that will make the bride smile.

I love that I have people!


Tonya Freestone & Family said...

That so good you have so many to support you in what ever you do! Its a great blessing to have family!

Shelley said...

Pleeeeaaase be sure to post pictures of the cake, but more importantly of your "people" helping you make it. :)

Jenn C. said...

You do have great "people". I can hardly wait to see how it turns out!

Allyson & Jere said...

You are SO brave! I'd love to see a picture of how it all turned out.

Really enjoyed this post. It's so true, we all "have people". And thank goodness, 'cause when we work together we really can conquer much.