Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reunion #1

This is the part of the summer I always look forward to. Reunions just make me smile. I love the chance to escape the heat by heading to Heber. I love the afternoon rain, family, night time card games, dirty babes, baths in the utility sink, sleeping in the tent trailer,fresh air, and night skies full of stars.

The pictures speak for themselves!

Except that I must elaborate on the slip-n-slide. R is asked to set this up every year, no matter which branch of the family is in charge of the reunion. He starts with a fresh layer of hay on the hill, followed by a loooong roll of carpet padding. That is carefully covered by large blue tarps and finally, the plastic sheeting is rolled out over the top. This is a labor of love and takes a while to set up. He suits up and stands at the top of the hill with the hose and several bottles of baby shampoo to aid the slipperiness.
As you can see, it is hours of fun for everyone... even R!

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Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Jen,

Thank you for stopping by! Looks like a fabulously fun reunion! I cannot recall how the subject came up on Friday but my oldest and I were talking about how much fun he and his brother had on our slip n' slide when they were little. Okay, so I had fun too... Your hubby puts a lot of effort into creating his slip n' slide but it looks like the results are well worth it!

~ Tracy