Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have had it with this week.

Summer school and summer band both ended last Friday. I had looked forward to a reduced schedule, no time constraints, not having to load into the 500 degree mini-van, and having my boys home to get stuff done.

I am wondering when we will get stuff done!

I made a great schedule and charts.

I established time limits and rewards.

I encouraged, suggested, plead, ordered, and then freaked out!

Boy , did I ever freak out. I am really great at yelling, and I hate it! (And hate is a bad word at our house.)

Everyone is really determined to practice their agency this week, but no-one seems to like the consequences. I am on edge until the last part of the day, wondering if anyone is going to do anything.

My children are miserable and keep asking if they can ...find friends, swim, play wii, go to the library, visit cousins, etc.

How do they not get it???

If they finish by an appointed hour, then the answer is yes... to all of the above!

Yet here I am, having to be the ultimate enforcer of chores and lists while I am trying to make dinner.... and yelling about it!

Calgon, take me away!

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