Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, we did it!

My people came through, like always, and we made the cake.

See for yourselves...

I baked the top tier and made the fondant.
(The bottom 2 layers are styrafoam.)My sister and K helped to frost the rounds and then we covered them.

If you make a silly face for a picture, of course I will post it!
I was so happy with how the rounds turned out. It was a great start.
...and then, T put her fist through the top tier.

I straightened the tier as best as I could. Fondant is very forgiving. I toyed with the idea of hiding the remaining dents with the flowers the florist would bring. Then R reminded me that although it was a favor, it was still their wedding cake. Oh, yeah.

As I thought about it, I realized that a lot of what I do is "good enough". Not great, or super, just "good enough".

I wanted to be proud of this project.

I didn't want to have to hide the flaws.

I stayed up and baked a 2nd night and then, instead of delivering the cake in the morning, I spent the day frosting and covering a new top tier.

It was even better than the first,
perfectly round and level.

And, all 3 layers sprinkled with edible glitter.
(Thanks, other sister)

I felt pride as I set up the cake on the stand the bride's mom had provided.

The florist arrived with the flowers and ribbon that the bride wanted to use.
Together, we finished the project.


(The bride smiled.)


Jenn C. said...

Awesome! You are amazing!

jen said...

And where were you just a few short months ago when I could have used your services? Quite amazing.
I have the same flaw--just good enough, never excellent. Why are we like that? I wish I was a perfectionist sometimes.
Then I wake up to reality and realize "good enough" is almost always great.
Except for wedding cakes. R was right on that one.

Allyson & Jere said...

It looks great! Good for you for taking on such a task. And a HUGE kudos to you for reading allll my long posts in one sitting, AND commenting (you were probably busy making, stressing, re-making a wedding cake). You win my favorite blog reader of the week award (I just made that up). But really, thanks for taking the time, I know that was quite an undertaking.

Alleman Family said...

That cake looks AMAZING! I can't believe you actually MADE that. :) WOW. I also don't know how you all make it thru AZ summers. I go down there in April and sweat my brains out. :) I guess I'm just a UT girl at heart. I'm doing lots better but recovery is still slow going. Thanks for the sweet comments you've left!

Paul and Jenny Stoker said...

Dang Ron and his prefectionism.

Shelley said...

You girls are amazing!!! I am proud of you for making a new cake. I like to cut corners here and there too but you did great! And the second time was a charm.
Thanks for posting pictures!

Anais said...

That is by far the most beautiful wedding cake my eyes have ever beheld : )...Glad I was the BRIDE!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! You're AMAZINGLY TALENTED!!! It was delicious too : )

<3 Anais

Karen said...

Beautiful. That looks like it takes way more patience than I have