Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time Travel

That must be the answer... Right? Time travel!

This was yesterday...
Ponytails and bows. Hercules backpack with her new folder tucked safely inside. That was the day that suddenly, someone (Mrs. Annes) knew more than the parents did!

This is today.
She does her own ponytails, now, but she did ask me to tie a bow on it, this morning. All set for graduation, tonight. After my freak-out a few weeks ago, I am ready for it.

I sure love this girl.


Matthews Family said...

That is so cute. Congrats to you both. I think school is a joint effort I know I wouldn't have gotten though without the help of my Gma. Karli I hope you have a great night. Congrats again.

The Hobbs Family said...

Does it bring back memories Jen? It seems like only a couple years ago and that was us. She is beautiful. You are a fabulous mom and you have raised a smart, talented, and outstanding daughter. Congratulations to you all! Have fun tonight! Kristin