Monday, May 24, 2010

This is what after breakfast looks like most mornings. Minus the milk-jug/cup thing. That was new today, compliments of T. I don't even know where he has ever seen that!
(yes, he did knock it over and I didn't even get mad.)

10 minutes later, we were in the car to take things to the schools that the children forgot...

T: Mom, ouw bananas have decay!

Me: What?!

T: Ouw bananas have decay!

Me: Do you know what decay means?

T: (giggles) Wotten. They awe toneing bwown.

Me: Wow, T! That is a big word! Decay...! Where did you learn that?

T: Fwom Sid Science Kid.

Our babes are sponges. They soak up everything around them. Good or Bad. Science or whatever. This afternoon, I almost tripped over my bowl of berries when I heard J and L on the trampoline, teaching T (the other one) to "just smack him" and "now, kick him, hard"! How dare they! Don't they know that she will head into nursery on Sunday and do just that? Grrrr!

On the other hand, every night before I sing my babes to sleep, I kneel with them to pray. T and T always listen while the other has a turn. I say a phrase and then they repeat it. Now, T can finish many of them for me and he quite often comes up with his own list to be included. T, however, (sorry if it's confusing!) Has yet to participate. She listens, but hasn't repeated any of my phrases... until tonight. I think it caught her attention when I said, "Thankful for ba-ba", which she is. Then she repeated everyone's names and then said, " Jesus, Amen!" It was so sweet.

It was another reminder that I really need to be aware of what they are all soaking up... my bigs and my littles. They absorb more than we know!


Jana said...

It gets kind of scary when they start saying new phrases that you KNOW they didn't hear at home...some good, some bad. But just knowing that you're not in charge of everything they see and hear can be kind of scary!
I love PBS least they learn!!

K.C. + Sherry Layton said...

i have to say.. i sure am glad you blog! kc and i love reading what is going on in the west home! i really wish the other LAytons would too! i sure miss seeing all of you! love you!