Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I don't want to know you, thanks

I met cancer this year. Actually, she's an acquaintance of some friends. I definitely wouldn't call her MY friend.

I met her the first time several of years ago, through an aunt. At the time, my heart was so pained by other things, that I didn't recognize her for who she was and what she did. I avoided any contact with her as she stole that precious life.

I heard, over a year ago, that she had made the acquaintance of a woman who I didn't know, but knew of. Somehow, I knew I would meet this woman, and I have. I love her and love her children and love her sisters and mom, and her husband who serves selflessly. (How could he not, when he is in need of a miracle?) Twice, when I have seen her across the way, with her children, tears have sprung to my eyes. I even made sure her niece sneaked a picture when I saw her laughing on the couch with her husband, who's head was in her lap. Cancer has stolen her future. It will take birthdays, weddings, holidays. It will steal all the minutes of holding babies, smelling rain, and teaching her children.

A couple of months ago, I reconnected with a friend from high school. Within a month she was in a battle for her life. She had also battled 7 years earlier. This time she lost. She left a husband, a daughter and 3 sons.

A few weeks ago, a teenage friend met cancer. She is not supposed to live through the summer.

Lives stolen.

Dreams shattered.

Cancer does not always take everything. Quite often, after knowing her, people are stronger, happier, more sure of what they want. Overcoming hard circumstances can do that for us.

For my friends, cancer has been unwelcome, overbearing, intrusive, demanding, lurking and aggressive.

My friends, on the other hand, have been kind, generous, grateful, faithful, private, and hopeful.

They are beautiful women who lead beautiful lives, one second at a time...


Dani said...

That's really beautiful, Jen. And true. It has taken so much away from us, but as a result blessings come. Thanks for sharing your touching thoughts.

Allyson & Jere said...

What a beautifully and well written post.

Heartbreaking for your friends, and for all who battle it daily. My nephew just had his appendix out at Cardon and they put him on the oncology floor. It was so heart breaking to see those little children, bald, in pain and fighting for their lives.

Stupid cancer!