Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Photos

Just as promised in the title, I have no picture proof of our wonderful, fabulous weekend in the mountains.

When we moved, it was only 2 blocks away from our previous home, friends, and ward (congregation). This small geographic change has brought many new experiences and lots of fun and learning.

When I had the chance to host our previous ward's Youth Conference for 3 days in lovely Pinetop, AZ, I jumped at the chance. My babes and I went up on Wednesday to make sure everything was in order. All of the youth and their leaders arrived Thursday at noon(ish).

I had time to assemble 994 pieces of a puzzle which ended up in the trash because of the missing 6. I soaked up the evening chill and let my babes drink all the hot chocolate they wanted. I enjoyed catching up with old friends and making some new ones. I didn't cook a single meal, as that part of the trip was assigned out. I watched and listened as my 2 older boys learned of life and spirit and mind and agency and accountability and then testified of what it all meant to them. I applied sunscreen and bug spray on the children and then did it again and again. I let my boys canoe and fish and even told them I would cook whatever they caught. (Un)fortunately they came back empty handed.

It was a wonderful weekend and I am ready to go back. Unfortunately, tomorrow starts 3 weeks of summer school (10 hrs daily) for L and summer band for J on trumpet and L starting trombone. They will be directed by the brilliant Mr. Kelly Higgins. Yahoo! 3 busy weeks and then we will relax, again and get ready for family reunions. I can hardly wait!


Kaylani said...

was it the puzzle with all the boats? i started it and some of the pieces may have fallen between the slats of the backporch when i was rushing to get out of there....oops!

Jen West said...

That was it! Oh dang!

Jana said...

Sounds to me like the BEST weekend ever!

Layton Life said...

You're amazing...I love reading your blog!! Sounds like a great time...and just as a reminder...I can be an extra car, or extra hands, or a sitter...we love it over there!!!

Shelley said...

Wish we lived closer to have some fun up there with you! That is my kids absolute favorite vacation...ever. That says alot after living back east and here in Texas. Nothing like your cabin.

I love your blog Jen. It is a happy read every time.