Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day Camp in the Desert

(There's Sir L with the shield and the "helmet" too small for his noggin!)

Cub Scout day camp is an amazing phenomenon that occurs each summer. I think the fact that dozens of scouters and parents wrangle hundreds of cubs in the heat of the desert for 3 days at a time make it truly remarkable. This year, the average temperature in blistering Phoenix has been about 108 F for our 3 assigned days of camp. YIKES!
R was able to take Monday and Tuesday off from work to go and help the leaders from our L's bear den. Each den is assigned a "campsite" that they decorate following the theme... this year it was "Knights of the Heard Pueblo". Activities begin at 3pm each day and end at 9:30pm. Each person brings their own sack dinner which is kept in a cool chest and there are plenty of places to refill water bottles.In addition to these fun activities, the Cubs also got to swim, hike, use a compass, shoot bb guns, water fight, make terrariums, and attempt to pull the sword from the stone! Hooray for Cub Scouts!


Layton Mom said...

Your Day Camp sounds funner than ours. I get to take 11 Cubs to camp tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Shelley said...

Looks fun! My Brody's camp is next week, all day...4 full days. YIKES! I will try and go with your positive attitude and I am sure he will have a great time!