Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy in the New Year

The fact that I mistyped the original title with 2010 says a lot for the beginning of our year.

The fact that it has taken me 3 hours to write this much of a post
says a lot about the state of my mind.

Blogging has been hard for me lately.
I guess I have been trying to figure out how and when it fits into my life.
I like to keep up with those of you whom I don't get to see often.
I like for those of you who are away to know that I miss you and think of you and remember what it was like to be away from home and "out of the loop".
I think blogging is a good "warm-fuzzy" tool.
I can pass on love and learn from your blessings, hardships, foibles, triumphs and insights.
Because that is what life brings on a daily basis.

And I can never be sure what it is that this day will bring.

Recently, I have become keenly aware of a few things.
They have left me in a stupor.

1) I am very mortal. Remember? Unfinished.

2)I am richly blessed. And I am not referring to $.

You are, too.

3)I have an enormous responsibility to and love and help.

Because I can never be sure what it is that this day will bring.

An amazing thing is, that like the ocean, life ebbs and flows.
Sometimes, I am confident. Sometimes, not.
Sometimes, I am happy. Sometimes, not.
Sometimes, I am funny. Sometimes, not.
Sometimes, I am patient. Sometimes, not.
Sometimes, I am wise. Sometimes, not.
Sometimes, I am helpful. Sometimes, not.

I am betting it is the same for everyone.

Now, it has taken half the day to draft this post.
My 2 smallest children are eating ice-cream cones even though they didn't finish their sandwiches and I am still very human and wondering why blog when my compositions come out in rambling streams of confusing musings.

In the midst of my tangle of words, I have...
delivered a list,
buzzed 2 heads of hair,
wandered and wondered,
assembled pre-school puzzles,
washed dishes,
changed diapers,
read stories,

That is my life.
A little plan and a whole lot of what happens amidst the plan.
And be happy in the New Year!


Julz said...

I still cant believe how much you manage to keep on your plate! Your are amazing Jen!

Matthews Family said...

I don't know how you do it all. Thanks for being a great example to me one of these days I will get it togeather. Not sure when but someday.

Laraine Eddington said...

"A little plan and a whole lot of what happens amidst the plan" - I really love this line. And really, I think this is the way it should be because if everything went according to our plan, we would probably just be content going around in a circle, instead of learning to climb a mountain.

Karli said...

AND you made a link to a previous post. So impressed. :)

Jana said...

I like your confusing musings. I need to remember that what happens amidst the plan is sometimes much more important than the plan. :) (And I second Karli--way to go on the linking, because I remember when you couldn't figure out how to post pictures! Very advanced.)

Allyson & Jere said...

What a great post. So well put, and I think we all feel this way to a degree. Glad you shared your thoughts.

Oh, and I like the blog background. Cute!