Thursday, January 27, 2011

This NEVER Happens!

Well, here's the story of my 2nd adventure within the week.

Just a few days after arriving home from CA, I headed off to Utah.
No Mom this time... she was previously engaged, dang-it!

My fellow adventurers were T and T (cause everyone at home had school and work), J and A (our 2 Australian friends that I fetched in CA), and K (a friend who needed a get-away and stayed with her cousin in Orem).

We left home early on Saturday and headed through Flagstaff and stopped at
the GRAND Canyon.
I had been once, as a child, and was amazed at how it certainly is grand.
We walked about a 1/4 mile in freezing wind to our first lookout point.
The 2nd lookout we stopped at was much more convenient.
Basically, the parking-lot sat at the edge of the edge :)

We arrived in Provo.
The cold air was a little shocking to us all!
Our sweet K had a great dinner ready in her dorm.
The girls all got cleaned up and dressed and went to a dance which ended up being a dud.
In the meantime, however, I was able to deliver a box of citrus to a friend's daughter and buy groceries.
It felt really great when I had everyone tucked into their beds that night.

Sunday, was a nice day of rest.
We slept in.
We went to the student ward for church.
I cooked dinner in the dorm.
We stayed for ward prayer and sang with the ward choir that K leads.

Monday had another slow start.
(Ordinarily, that would bother me on vacation, but on this one, it was just right)
We ate lunch on BYU's campus.
We listened to K rehearse with her choir.
We viewed the Carl Bloch exhibit in the Museum of Fine Arts.
We explored the Bean Museum.
(We decided it must be this animal that provides both of their hair extensions!)

(T loves suckers. J and A found this kind at the museum's gift shop and T just sat and stared. She finally licked it once, but decided the bug inside wasn't worth the worry!)

We called it a night early and ate pizza at "home".

Early Tuesday, I took K to work and the snow started falling.
Within a couple of hours, the world was covered in a fresh powdery blanket.
It was the first time J and A had seen snow falling... there's just not much of it in Australia!
T loved the snow flakes in her hair and mine.

T loved to tromp around and make trails with his boots on, but did NOT want his picture taken!

Since I had taken K to work, she had a sweater and not a coat, but still had to walk home in the "blizzard". Don't worry... she survived!
We spent the afternoon at the University Mall, having fun, boosting the economy and actually finding some great sales!
K, J and A kept the babes that night and I went to dinner with my friend M, whose home we stayed in. We ate at the Blue Lemon. The food was delicious and beautiful!

Wednesday, we picked up our friend K at 4:30 am and started our trip back home.
We ventured through Las Vegas to add in another adventure.
When we arrived, we found the Stratosphere and headed to the top...
well, some entertained T and T while J and A headed to the top.
A had to talk J into riding the rides, but then J loved it and A didn't.
We laughed and laughed at the pictures they bought.
The horror on their faces is all I needed to see to know... that adventure is not for me!

I don't remember ever driving the Las Vegas route before.
The scenery was beautiful.
I loved winding along the I-15 from St. George, UT to Mesquite, NV , seeing the Joshua trees and there was just something interesting about Wickenburg, AZ.

All in all, a great day with great travelers.
A great 5 days with great travelers!

Now, it really will be nice to be settled for a while!


Karli said...

first of all, why does it say this was posted on thursday? 2nd, it's really confusing when you only use first initials. Lastly, I love those pictures of Tress. :)

Jen West said...

firstly, i wrote it thurs and saved it and finally added the pix and posted it, today. 2nd, sorry about the confusion... oh, well! lastly, thanks :)

gab said...

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