Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Time of My Life

One year ago, we hosted our first 2 Australian exchange students.
6 months ago, 1 wrote to ask if she could come, again, to visit our family.
She would bring her cousin.
Last week, we were sure that the 2 girls would arrive on Saturday, overlapping their stay with that of the 2 handsome boys already visiting from down under.
Saturday, we realized that the girls were flying into LA, would sleep in a hotel, and then arrive here, on Monday.

Good plan.

Ron had a better plan.

"What if you just drive to Cali, meet the girls at the hotel, take them to Disneyland, and then bring them here."
I didn't even need to hear it twice.

I called Mom.
For Christmas she received a year pass to the happiest place on earth.
She didn't need to hear it twice, either.

We left at 4 am on Monday in her car.
Just the 2 of us.
I slept while she drove and then she slept while I drove.
We listened to and obeyed the voice of the GPS that had been carefully stuck to the dash.
I really love that thing!
We arrived in just 6 short hours.
We greeted our friends and headed for Hollywood.
Just to see it!
Almost immediately, we were accosted by Jonathan.
He wanted us to buy tickets for a 2 hour open air bus tour for only $40 each.
I talked him down to $20 each and we boarded.
As the bus pulled away from the curb and the wind started to blow my hair, the cheesiest grin took residence on my face and stayed for 2 entire days.

That afternoon, we left for Anaheim and checked into our hotel.
I slept for 10 UNinterupted hours.

Our day at Disney was the BEST ever.
Oh, sure, I missed my babes and told all the people in line how cute theirs were.
But, the ease of my day, toting only a camera, was just-so-nice!
The longest line we stood in was 25 minutes and the average wait was 10.
I even enjoyed my first pineapple whip.
We did everything we could in the 2 parks.
By 7pm and 8 shopping bags later, everyone was tuckered out and ready to sit and wait for the water/fire/laser show to begin at 8:15.
We found a spot to sit... and... wait...

Hmmm... really? No-one wants to do anything more?

No problem...

In the last 40 minutes, by myself, I rode on Space Mountain, Julie Andrew's own carousel horse, and then the Matterhorn.
And then we finished off the night with the EPIC water show.


The best part? Easy...

Having my mom to myself.
Love you, Mom!


Julz said...

WHAT!?/ No Fair! SO SO deserve it!

Andrea Gunnell said...

How fun! I'm so glad you got to go. What a perfect weekend getaway with your Mom!

Kristin said...

What a great trip! How kind of Ron to suggest you leave with your mom on a "girls trip"!

I was excited to read about the short wait times because "shh--keep our secret" we are taking our little miss abygail for her 8th birthday next monday. She has never been so we are splurging and spoiling her with two days in Disney.

Matthews Family said...

That sounds so awsome. It sounds like it was a blast and even more fun you got to spend it with your mom. I love Disneyland.