Monday, August 31, 2009

We are all alive and well. As of my last post, we were infested, but we are now BUG FREE. Dang, knock on wood! In the midst of the worst of it, my Dear was on a week long deployment training in Virginia. (And had a wonderful time, I might add.) I had my 2 oldest to help me when I just had to use the bathroom or step out for quiet and fresh air, but it just isn't the same. You KNOW what I mean. He takes care of my heart and can comfort them when I can't.

Lucky for me, He arrived home just in the nick of time and had an extra day off to spend with ME! We had to celebrate, of course. 19 years is quite an accomplishment, if I do say so myself. Given our current home sharing situation and the fact that we are in homework season, we didn't plan an evening out, but we had a few hours of the day to ourselves. Thanks, Kon. We thoroughly enjoyed lunch and errands alone, together. Those of you who know Him, know that my Dear can be somber and doesn't goof around in public. He was so intent on getting the mango mixed into His lemonade, though, that I teasingly suggested that if he blow through the straw, the bubbles, would be the perfect way to mix the beverage. Ta-da, it worked. I smiled.
And just now, I looked up from my post to see my Dear watching the computer screen across the room and dancing. He informed me that he just learned how to salsa dance! This is new. I love surprises. Especially when they come even when you have been married 19 years!


The Hobbs Family said...

Jenny, if you read the comments on your blog--I am trying to get ahold of you. I don't have your email or phone number, but I knew you had a blog, so I'm tracking you down friend. Call me or email me so I can talk to you. Thanks!! Hope your having a great day now that the kiddos aren't sick anymore! Kristin Caffrey

Kaylani said...

still love that story...makes me laugh!