Monday, August 3, 2009


Sunday evening is Visiting Night at Granny and Opa's house. Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, treats, laughter and sometimes tears, swirl together. Yes, it can be messy with swirling treats :). The yard, remember is the same one we shared from January to June. Our 2 boy walked to each door on the back of the blue house, wiggled each knob, hoping to find one open. He finally gave up and climbed into the tree house to be eye level with the boys sitting on the monkeybars.

In the car on the way home T asked, "Where we going?"

Me: "Home. (Realizing that might be vague to him...) To G and T's house, where our beds are."


We all turned to look at him. T had never made this sound in the context of a conversation, unless we were talking about a ferocious animal. Poor guy was exasperated.

It really is interesting how perspective can change. 7 of us have been living in 2 rooms for quite a while now, with only minimal personal belongings and clothes and sharing one bathroom. (Yes, there are 8 of us! I am not counting Princess K. She has managed to have her own room in both houses we have shared. Lucky girl!) I have started to wonder if we really needed to sell, needed more space, or wanted. Somewhere in my mind, I guess I knew this would happen. On the morning we started packing up, I took a minute to record just how crammed into our space we were. For when I lost perspective. Yeah me! It's not for naught!

After his growl, I asked, "T, where do you want to live?"

The clear, sweet answer from my 2 boy... "In the temple."


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Timsalive said...

you set a great example and kids pickup on it so quickly. Macy my 7 year old pulled Lori aside one Sunday and said this is her nest day and her favorite place (church). She and Bridget the 5 year old are stoked to get baptized. It is always a blessing to have sweet innocent spirits roaming the house every day.