Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She's sleeping now. I sat her on the floor, she lolled herself onto a pillow, and that was it. It is about time. For some reason, my baby girl has the idea that bedtime doesn't apply to her. She almost gives in at "bedtime". The others all relax, brush teeth, read scriptures, and pray. She'll snuggle with her eyes closed, but as soon as the last smooch is smooched, her eyes open. It's like she knows she has me all to herself. Just like 10 months and 10 days ago, I could just sit and stare at her for hours. Not very productive, I know, but I am smitten.

Last night was hard. One of the times I wished I were a superhero. Her cries were desperate and inconsolable. The worst kind. Pain that I couldn't fix. 2 of our 3 favorite docs were unavailable for house-calls, the other says take her in. Even as we sat in the ER she smiled shyly with tears spilling out of her red rimmed eyes. She was miserable, but so good natured. Just as dad thought, an ear infection is the culprit. Pink medicine, and big sister is not here to lick the drips. K has always loved that stuff!

In the ER we made friends. An unkempt woman came in at 11 with 3 small, rowdy boys. She walked to a corner and gathered them close and handed out lunchables. Did she just need a cool place to be? Did she have a home? She didn't check anyone in like the rest of us had. I felt bad when she started getting annoyed looks from others. The man next to her moved. This was my chance. Dumplin' and I moved over and offered a smile and some kind words. 3 boys can be a handful, and hers were so close in age. She was a good mother. Her husband was waiting to be seen. She had been told he might be finished at 10 and then 11, but he still hadn't seen a doc. She didn't want to put her boys to bed at home because she didn't want to wake them up again when she needed to pick her husband up. So, here they sat, wiggled, squirmed, giggled, jumped, skipped, and danced. Waiting. Entertaining my dumplin, and me.

My others were home in bed. Their dad is healthy. Family, friends, and church buoy me up constantly. Even in the middle of the night if I need. I am blessed.

I don't know how long we will be here in the Figueroa home. They have made us so comfortable we may never leave! The house hunt is fun, confusing, exciting, aggravating, exhausting. Bargain shopping at is best. Luckily, we feel at home and are so loved here. Thanks.

When I left the ER to come home, I saw 3 small, still boys and their mom. All eyes closed, and held tight. Now it's my turn. Goodnight.


jen said...

Beautiful, Jen. Leave it to you to find something positive in a late-night ER trip.
Good luck on the house hunt.

Layton Life said...

You are amazing....