Sunday, July 5, 2009

K IS alive and well. We were beginning to wonder, having not heard from her since LAST Sunday. My dad felt bad that we have finally learned what it is really like to have a teenager. $ problems solved, so no need to call the parents. Hmmmm. We did end up checking on her and she is just sooooo busy seeing sooooo many amazing sights. I am glad.

Getting into church, today, was much harder than usual. K is in Austria. L, Ja, and Lu are with Granny and the aunts and uncles in Pinetop. R went early for meetings. I only had the babes. Tr and Tr fell asleep right before time to leave. I carried them to their carseats one at a time, loaded in The Bag and my nursery box and headed out. When I got there, I balanced Tr and Tr (still asleep:)) and The Bag and the box all in one load and locked the car and opened the door to the building! Of course when I got to our row, they both woke up. Dang. I was so looking foward to a quiet hour of testimonies. It ended up really nicely. With so few people in the ward, the regulars were not there to fill the time. It was nice to hear from so many who don't usually get up. I enjoyed each testimony even as I sat with R and we passed babies back and forth. With the recent color job, i'd like to think we almost looked like newlyweds! HAHA.

The boys are on their way home, now. K will be home tomorrow evening. All my little froggies will be back in the pond. Just the way I like it.


Jenn C. said...

I wondered where all of the kids were. Primary was very small today.

I forgot to tell you how much I appreciated your talks last Sunday, they were very good and thought provoking.

You have an awesome family.

The Porter Family said...

Jen, have I told you that I miss having you here? We sure love your family and loved having you live here. Thanks for being such a great sister.

PS I love the Barry Manilow music!

Love, Lou

Timsalive said...

Hey Jen, It was great talking to you. It sounds like you are still the same person I knew 20 years ago. I am laughing my head off at how long it has been. Hope all continues to go well. Your family looks so good and lively. My blog is rather fun. actually I run 2 one for family and one for my class at school. The family one is Love to hear from you when we can talk more. I am in school living with the inlaws Mon-Fri then home on the weekends. Too many distractions at home you know. Busy busy schedule. We were thinking of moving to Queencreek to be near friends and my wife's brother with his 5 boys. Yak at you later.