Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is Karli, by the way. Just a few more short hours before I get to board a plane! Yay! So basically, before I leave, I just have to say I have the best, most talented aunts in the whole wide world!!! Because I'll be gone for my birthday on Sunday, they surprised me today with this gorgeous cake! Yes, they really made that themselves...fondant and everything. And as amazing as the outside is, the inside is even better! They used the chocolate cake recipe from NieNie's site. Absolutely Amazing!!!

my cake...

notice the resemblance to Bella's cake in New Moon...:)

That's all. :) I'm going to see if I can upload my pictures while I'm in Austria. We'll see. Tchus!

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Ashley said...

Your aunts will have to make it again so we can take and eat it at the premiere of New Moon and we can make everyone jealous! Ha!