Monday, June 22, 2009

Where are we?

Hi all! Yes, we have moved from "the compound". We now live with our wonderful friends, the "Pinnteroas" (Pinnt/Figueroa) family. They have lovingly given us a couple of rooms for as long as we need them. It is wonderful here, and with their kids 20, 16, 15, and 13, our littles get a lot of attention. It is fun for us all. We are in the neighborhood kiddy-corner from Mt. View, so we are closer to everything we do, except family.
Loula and Matt welcomed Edson, #6 and their 1st son the weekend we moved out, so it was perfect timing. He is wonderful! Earlier that week, I helped Loula make 30 meals in a day to put in the freezer for the upcoming new-baby busy weeks to come, so again, perfect timing.
The rumor is true. (Not that one, I just have some weight to loose.) We do have a contract on our house. Nope, no exclamation marks or anything. Hopefully, all will go smoothly in the next few weeks and we will actually close as scheduled. I am aware that anything could happen in this market and economy, so we will just believe it when it happens.
And finally, Karli and Layton, along with some friends, are in a great musical this week at Legacy school in east Mesa. They will be performing Thoroughly Modern Millie, Monday through Friday. Tickets are still available for $12, so plan a date night and come on out. We are mostly happy and healthy, knock on wood, no complaints here. Now I just need to convince my sweet children... Have a wonderful day!

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jen said...

Now can I start looking for houses in our ward?