Friday, May 22, 2009


Karli's teaching me how to add pictures. Here's some from the things we've been doing the past 2 months...

These are the worlds funniest Mother's Day flowers. This was just the day after I got them and they really made us all laugh and laugh. The company felt so bad that they sent an amazing boquet of lilies that are still blooming as I type!

Here is Karli in all of her glory! Her choir did a great broadway review of CATS. I'm not sure if she liked the singing, dancing or doing the make up the best... It was so fun to watch.

Ta-da! Only a week after she learned to crawl and she is standing. This was a couple of weeks ago, so she's really good at it now.

I think her cousin is her friend for life for giving her this lollipop! It provided an hour of enjoyment and then I got to mop up a huge slobbery sticky mess.

This is the first time that Ron and his sisters had all been together with their cousins in 30 years. I love that family can get together and it's like they were never apart.

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jen said...

Tucker's voice teacher, Allyson Van Patten, was VERY impressed with Karli's Cats makeup.
And have you found a place to stay yet? Wish I could help.