Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It's not pretty, but we have them. Tried to get rid of them 2 weeks ago, and again last week, and here they are back.

Creepy-crawlies? Nope. The coughy, sneezy, runny-nose, fever, rash, runs (sorry), barfs, no-appetite, sore-throat, ear- infection, can't-sleep, headache, too-tired kind.

The 6 babes have all taken their turns with various combinations of symptoms, even having repeat "catchings". I don't think that's even a word, but it happened.

Luckily, we have a few days of healthy before the re-infestations. My 2 in elementary missed yesterday, and it looks like one will miss again, tomorrow. I couldn't take the babes to toddler-time at the library today with good conscience, so we stayed home and spared the public.

My favorite part of the day was when they NAPPED AT THE SAME TIME! I quickly tidied, lunched, checked my email for the much anticipated home appraisal which didn't come, and then had a treat. Imagine if you will... 2 chocolate-chip cookie bars, 3 scoops of Blue Bell vanilla bean ice-cream, coconut flakes, and QUIET. Wow. Moment of silence. It was delicious. The only way it could have been better is with carmel-syrup, but I couldn't find any. Simple pleasures to get me ready to battle the bugs.

Thank you for advil and tylenol, digital thermometers, puffs plus with lotion, barf bowls and kids who can aim, baby wipes, naps, dimetapp, pink medicine, Dr Lim, Dad and Ed, great insurance, big kids who help, diversional baths, and a sweetheart who saves me even when he is exhausted himself.


Matthews Family said...

It is no fun being sick. I have been fighting off a cold I think for a few days. I sound horrible but I feel pretty good. Hope everyone is on the mend soon and that you hear back on that house.

jen said...

Don't share, PLEASE!