Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today's Adventure

Potato bug races across the kitchen table.

We have been spending hours outside, in the garden. Citrus is mostly juiced and frozen, boysenberries pruned, peas climbing, tomatoes blossoming, rows sprouted and thriving, and pecans have been collected. We are trying a bigger variety of herbs this year, and added peas and beans and eggplant as well. The eggplant blossoms are the most gorgeous purple, they have definitely earned their keep!

For some reason, gardening, family, housework and church assignments seem to be all I can wrap my mind around, lately. But, that is enough. I have great job security :)

1 comment:

Jana said...

They are too cute, as are you.
But wait, are you saying that there are other things that you could or should be spending time or brain power on? Because it sounds to me like you have your priorities where the rest of ours should be as well! Queen.