Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Night

Monday night is family night.

We had our song, prayer, calendering, story about Jesus, story from The Friend, and lesson from Preach My Gospel. I left part way through, to bathe the "littles". They never last that long, but R and the boys have some really great discussions and take turns teaching each other.

If I hadn't been fast, I would have completely missed it.
If I had been faster, I could have made the camera work to video the trick.

I came into the room to find R, L, J, and L all in push-up position.

It was time for a contest.

Long story short... (you're welcome)

R won the contest by doing a push-up with L (153 lbs.) and J (100.3 lbs) balanced over his shoulders.

It was awesome.

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Velika said...

I think any guy that wants to date your daughter should be required to read this post before they leave on the date! :)
Great story!