Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What has been keeping me busy?

Doesn't she just look like trouble?

Let me tell you...

She is!

Here is a recent timeline:

Thursday dinner: she put a bean in her nose. We decided to go see our pediatrician on Fri. to retrieve it.

Friday morning: slipped and split her lip while we were in Phoenix. With the bean AND the lip, we just decided to go to Phx. Childrens' hospital. We love that place.

Here's the best picture I got that evening.
Sunday evening: slipped while we were visiting with friends. Almost split her eye. You can see the addition of the mark on her left eyelid, here:

Monday: I got a visit from my next door neighbor, "I've taken T off the top of the back wall twice, now. She keeps dangling her legs over into our yard, which we don't mind, but I am just afraid she will fall." Me, "thanks, she will. I'll put away the ladder and lock the chicken coop."

Tuesday evening: R, L, J, and I each had meetings, concerts,and karate, so Granny kept L, T and T for me. I didn't pick them up until 9. They were bathed and happy and watching Eloise on the couch with both of my parents. When I asked how the kids were, I was told they were "just as sweet as can be".

Wednesday: I called my sister to see if she could watch T while I went to the cannery. She said, "yes, but not if she's gonna pull a stunt like she did at mom's!" Then proceeded to explain how T had poured a jug of juice across the counter, into the drawers, and across the floor. At mom's. I told my sister I could bring T with a straight jacket if she wanted.

Thursday: I kept T buckled in a car seat while we ran errands, and then let her play in the yard at Mom's while I apologized. She let herself out of the yard to visit a neighbor...

Friday morning: When I picked up T from my sister's house and asked how things had gone, she showed me the dresser that had been knocked over. I guess using the drawers as a ladder was the quickest way onto the top bunk.

This girl just moves from one adventure to another.
This week I have found her sitting on the counter, in the fridge (relax, the door can't close when she's in there), under the utility sink, in the dryer, in my shower, and behind her brother's drum set.

She loves hotdogs, her kids (which ever bunch of stuffed toys or plastic characters she happens to be toting around), her sister, our back yard neighbors, juice boxes, each brother, and even me.
Mostly, she loves her dad.
She melts for him and he melts for her.

She is a mini tornado these days as she leaves a trail wherever she goes. It's fine with me when it's just stufties and tea-lights and not blood and tears.

Her nicknames are Sister, Suzy, Suzy Kabloozie, and Bruiser.

I have found her perched here, 6 times in the last 3 days.
Maybe she is looking for a way to get over, or on.
But then again, it could be a distraction to hide the fact that she started a tunnel.

She is her sister and 4 brothers all rolled into 1 cute person.

And I will be glad when she is a little more predictable.


Tucker said...

I say let her fall a couple times. She won't get up again.

But you should probably hide a gymnastic mat under the grass on both sides so she's not SERIOUSLY hurt.

Karli said...

Bruiser? never heard that one.... I love that girl :)

Kristin said...

I guess that is why you got her last. So you had lots of good practice to get ready for her spirit. You are a fabulous mom and a terrific friend! Keep fighting the good fight.