Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks

My Dad was in the Navy while I was young.
We lived away from family, and visited them on vacations.

Thanksgiving, for me, was always a wonderful assortment of people.
We feasted with each other,

We had gratitude in common, and an appetite for turkey and trimmings, and a desire to eat pie!

Living close to family, things have changed a little.

We have big families. Together, we have 14 siblings! In the past, we have spent the day feasting here AND there and trying to see and visit as many loved ones as possible.

This year, we missed K who opted to stay at school planning to work extra hours (see here).

This year, we played football (of sorts) in the field at the school.

This year, we shot paper rockets with our neighbors using an air compressor cannon.

This year, we ate once and it reminded me of years past.
Family AND friends.

Together AND Thankful.

And blessed.


jen said...

Looks like a packed house--must have been Laytons?
I have a small bag for the trip to Provo? When you leaving?

Karli said...

oh yeah! the grass is brown! weird to see a picture of it.... :)