Monday, October 25, 2010

I have been thinking a lot this month about budgeting.

It has been one of those months... where there more days than dollars.
(Nothing serious, just way more effort to stick to the budget)

For 14 years, we have been paid on the 1st of the month.
Like clock work.

For 7 years, we have had a monthly budget meeting.
R and I,
1st Friday of the month,
Almost like clock work.
(You know, life happens)

The practice began as a necessity.
It was one tool taught to us by the therapist we were seeing at the time.
It is one of many tools that saved us.

Really, the object was communication...
even in the financial part of our lives.

We fill in an established budget form.
We notice any changes.
We check totals on our various accounts.
We check see that our debt is decreasing and our investments are increasing.
We set goals for the current month.
Together, we anticipate what we will need to spend money on...
(haircuts, birthdays, receptions, showers, tournaments, fairs, trips...)
We review how we did on the previous month.

We "spend" every cent on paper, before we spend it for reals.

I know stuff like this comes naturally for many couples, but not for us.
We learned that we have to plan it and organize it.
We learned that and now we do it.

Hooray for us :)

And now, I ponder the concept of budgeting time.
I have the same amount as you.
Yet, our lives are so different.
I mean, as far as talents, hobbies, interests, schedules...

I do so much,
but I could do so much differently.

Really, the possibilities are endless.
If I clear my schedule,
first put in the necessities,
and what is most important,
and schedule in the things I will do to become the person I want to be,
and plan to act when I am prompted,

the possibilities really are endless.


Sue said...

Good post. Lots to think about!


Laraine Eddington said...

I admire your budgetary genius, both kinds!

Velika said...

I love the idea to have a set time to have a monthly budgeting meeting. We just might steal that! We try to use a budget, but because we neglect the meetings we neglect the budget. Thanks for the idea.

Jen said...

Hi! Hopping over from Jen's blog! I love this. We are the same way with budgeting at our house. I've never looked at doing the same with time! Great words here!