Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Break

Hooray! No routines for the week!


2 dozen free for great report cards...

and they were PINK!

We also picked up 15 tokens per report card from Chuck E Cheese... we collect them for each report card until we have enough for a family outing.

We spent a couple of hours "browsing" the shelves of Toys For Us. It had been ages since we had done it, but our "babes" all love to play through the aisles.
We even got some great ideas for a certain upcoming holiday ;)

My boys are always wanting to visit the Halloween stores that emerge this time of year.
Dad thought it was a great idea.
We didn't last long inside... YUCK!

Finally, we watched the new Karate Kid in the basement for the afternoon.
Fun movie.


I did chores.
The boys ate and read and ate and read and ate and read.


I did chores.
The boys ateandreadandateandreadand...

so, I had a fit.
not cool.

WE did chores.
We escaped to Granny's house.
We ate lunch.
We played with cousins.
Some of us SWAM... in OCTOBER!

2 stayed for movie night
and then slept on the couches
and had apple stuffed french toast for breakfast.


Appointments for everyone to go see Dr. Lim!
For flu shots!

We love Dr. Lim.
We don't love shots.

Everyone cried.
1 person even had a panic attack and had to be taken to R's hospital to get his.
I got one at PIMC too.

We went to Costco for lunch and saw friends.
We went to Last Chance and saw another friend.
We went to Sheplers to buy T her first pair of cowgirl boots with birthday $ from Papa.
She wouldn't keep them on, so we didn't buy them.

We pitched our tent in the backyard.
We read by the light of our headlamps until we fell asleep.

Then, I snuck back in to watch the end of "runway" with R.


Cereal for breakfast?!
With cartoons?!

Oh what the heck, we're on vacation!

And I think, after chores (it's already 10am) we will head to Main to enjoy the shops and statues.



Karli said...

What the heck...I move away, and suddenly you guys do fun stuff... :)

Laraine Eddington said...

Your fall break was really a b-r-e-a-k. Sounds like you know how to have fun.