Monday, December 28, 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas full of visits from friends and fun and family.

Everything happened just as it should and all of my stresses and fears just seem silly, now.

None were disappointed, as far as I could tell. There was one whisper of "Dad, it's pink!?" As L peered into the box containing the parts to his new beach cruiser bicycle. Oops, yes, sometimes there are mistakes. He was happy with the top hat, leatherman, and phone. Yes, a top hat. Our babes lists were very amusing this year. Ja received a monicle and unicycle, but not the segway or the bidet. Lu loves his watermelon, ipod and bowler cap and didn't even complain that he didn't get a "fancy sword" because he will share Dad's :) For at least the 10th year in a row, K did not get a puppy. However, she was happy with her books, music, mirror and dress.

R and I were surprised to not be awakened until 7a. Kindly, the babes had been awake for a while and just played and talked as long as they could stand it. I think Ja woke them all up when he came home from milking the cow around the corner. A friend and his dad had planned to go at 6:15a, but the boys went at 4:45a as a gift for the dad. Gosh, that sounds like it would make a good movie. Oh, wait, it did. Well, the boys don't know, they just felt really good doing it.

In the afternoon, we had family pics. New hats and all. I love them. Hopefully, you will see them soon. Thanks, Mom for arranging them for us all!

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