Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas Adam. My babes insist that is the name of the 23rd because "Adam came before Eve, you silly!"

I feel lost in the shuffle, today. I rose early and zipped around all day while the ones with the babes bathed and changed them repeatedly. Oh thank you , thank you, thank you! Yuck to the 12 hour bug! And yeah that it is only 12 hours. (Unless you are 1 and then it stays longer) :(

We got great haircuts just in time for our Christmas Day family photo.

We saw an old friend who reminded us that a little bit over a long time can really add up! It is so worth the effort!

We dropped off treats for R's co-workers.

We surprised our favorite Honamotive mechanics with a treat for great service delivered with integrity over the years when we picked up our car from the tune-up. They were speechless.

We enjoyed an evening at home with warm showers, loud voices and then sleeping babes and the cousins. Ahhhhh.

I still feel like I have a ton to do tomorrow. I have been online checking store hours and mapping a plan, but really have no desire to go. (Which is why I am in this predicament in the first place.)
Fortunately, like each day, the important things will get finished and everything else suddenly will feel not so necessary.

Merry Christmas Adam!

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Timsalive said...

But Eve really wears the pants in the family! good to see your family is having fun at Christmas. What a wonderful time of year. Kids expressions over the holidays are great. From great to oops to hitting their siblings. We are headed up to Mammoth for a few days to get in some snow. I just found Dave Barrett and Jeff Smiley on facebook. Dave looks good and well traveled. Jeff looks worn out. Hope all is well. Happy New Year! I will update my blog when I get back. Tough set of semesters coming up.