Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Monday 6.30: I got my license! Woohoo! except Mom and Dad have yet to insure me, so i'm still not allowed to drive. :(
Wednesday 7.2: Some friends and I went tubing at the river while Mom took the boys swimming at Granny's. I didn't even get the slightest bit burnt... not even a tiny little tan! What's up with that? We had a pool party for mutual and ate icecream and lemon bars and brownies. it was awesome!
Thursday 7.3: We decided to go up to the Layton cabin up in Pinetop for the 4th. We were packing all day and we were finally ready to leave at 9 pm. Mom and Dad decided it would be best to just leave friday morning.
Friday 7.4: We all woke up at 4:30 to leave. Unfortunately, we didn't leave until 6:15 and the parade in ShowLow started at 9. We stopped at McDonald's in Payson for breakfast and we've never seen it so crowded! In the next little while, both Luke and Jace got car sick. 2 in 1 trip!!! that never happens to us. Both times we had to stop and the same trailer kept passing us. Thanks to Dad's mad driving skills :) we made it just in time for the parade and found spots by David and Kathy Palmer's family. It was very cute when Troy discovered why all the kids kept running out into the street after the floats. Soon he was running out with them, so proud of his loot of dumdums and now-and-laters. Finally, we made our way to the cabin, where most of us took long naps during the afternoon rainstorms. 70 stinkin degrees outside! That night we went down to Pinedale for dinner where Dad's brother, Scott, lives with his family. We drove back to ShowLow with them for fireworks that night.

Saturday 7.5: Layton, Jace, Luke, and I played Monopoly all morning while Mom and Dad made a trip to Safeway. That afternoon we had a huge hail storm, afterwhich, Dad took me, Layton, Jace and Luke fishing at Silver Creek. We didn't catch any fish, but we did catch about 20 crawdads. Mom took Troy for a walk around Woodland Lake while we were gone and had dinner waiting for us when we got back.

Sunday 7.6: Dad, Layton, Luke and I attended the 9 am ward (Mom stayed home with Jace and Troy because both had been sick all night). We saw many friends: the Fish family from our old ward (Andrea Gunnel's uncle), Dad's dad's cousin-Norman West, Dad's cousin-Mindy Noble and her girls... That night we walked over to the Palmer and Farnsworth cabins and visited and played with family.

Monday 7.7: We cleaned the cabin and were on our way by 10:45. We made it safely home in just under 3 hours and can't wait to be back for reunions in a couple weeks. We miss the weather, the 70 degree temperatures, and the rain.


Matthews Family said...

It sounds like a super fun nice cool relaxing get away. I am really looking forward to mine next week. I love all the stuff you have added on your blog. Great job:)

K.C. + Sherry Layton said...

I like your blog. plus all of your takes on each individual in your family! ha ha you are cute.