Friday, June 27, 2008

This week has been going by so fast! Dad and Layton have been having so much fun at Scout camp. They've gone canoeing, ridden horses, gone shooting, etc. And of course they have been loving getting to eat anything Brother Burrel cooks. Aida has been going well. We had a full house opening night and that never happens! Of course, we had all the technical difficulties that come with opening night as well. Tuesday, unfortunately, we didn't do so well. For some reason the professional live band wasn't staying with us and everyone kinda got thrown off. Wednesday and last night went awesome though. And after last night's performance, the whole cast went out to see Get Smart at Harkins. The movie was very very funny. I was laughing the whole time. Yesterday, mom also took Jace, Luke, and Troy to the circus. I was bummed I had to miss it, but they had tons of fun. I'll try to post pictures when i have the chance.

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