Monday, December 20, 2010

I love the holiday season.

After my birthday in November, the days are just more and more fun.

I love the concerts, programs, parties, decorations, fun and festivities.

Once upon a time, I finished all my shopping and preparations before November.
That was my standard.
Now, it's my dream.

So, here I am on the 20th (Oh! MY! Gosh!) of December and I still have a list of things to go and do and get.

That is the part that I just don't like this year.
The Getting.
I have no oooomph or even desire to go and do it!

We have what we need.
Why clutter and complicate our lives with more?
These thoughts have been pressing on my mind.

And, in that perspective,
I have been enjoying the concerts, programs, parties, decorations, fun, festivities and family
even more.

I have been aiming for simple and uncomplicated and joyful.


T and I shopping for the tree and surprising all her brothers.


Listening to the Mtn. View choir sing at the AZ temple and enjoying the light display.


My mother and aunts performing for the family Christmas party and laughing til they cried when they received a standing ovation.

Simple. Uncomplicated. Joyful.


Julz said...

Love Simple! It's how it should be.

Matthews Family said...

I love the simple. I am still lucky my kids are happy with just one thing and the wrapping paper. To bad this mom doesn't think its enough I feel bad becasue feel like they need more but really they don't. You ask Ryan about Santa Clause he can care less. He says that mom and dad give him his presnetns. I have tired to tell him otherwise I guess we will never have to have the Santa talk with him.

I LOVE T's little outfit.
Thanks you for trying to help today.

Holly said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes the thought of more *stuff* makes me anxious too. :/

Alleman Family said...

OHHHHH! I MISS that christmas party!!