Friday, April 16, 2010

As R was headed to work one particularly jumbled morning, his after smooch remark, with a hopeful smile, was "try to keep all the balls in the air..." I smiled and then started to panic.

(If I could juggle and had a picture of me doing it, I would post it here.)

It was a day with a long list and a particular order for checking the items off.

Do you know me? I keep lists so I don't forget what to do. I start one thing, do part of something else that catches my attention on the way, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and oh yeah, that is what I started doing in the first place. Confusing enough? I know!

R's hopeful suggestion is still sitting here, in my mind even after several days of repeat, repeat, repeat.

I still think of myself as a beginner when it comes to doing what I do. What do I do? Good question. I wife, mother, sister, friend, etc... all verbs, not nouns in this sense. I have a few tried and true methods, but I am always eager for new techniques. I try to eliminate distractions and stick with the practiced routine so that the lives I lead and shuttle and share and feed and teach and encourage and scold and love will be in place. Still, sometimes I mess up big time. Sometimes, it all crashes to the ground. Sometimes, more often than I want. Then what? Pick them up and start again with one and add another and another. They will fall again. I will mess up again. Not because I want to, but because I am so just "simpley" me.

It's ok. I am completely fine with it. The ones I wife, mother, sister, friend, etc., are my favorites. They are forgiving, kind, even appreciative, sometimes. They are wonderful, fun, and, well, sigh..., so worth it.


Jenn C. said...

You mess up? You are always an example to me of someone who knows what is going on and how to handle any situation. I apprectiate you.

Kaylani said...

i don't buy it. you're super wife, mom, sister, friend.

paige said...

I came over to your blog from jen's blog to see the prom pictures of her son with your daughter (as she directed us to) and I read this post, too. I feel the exact same way about a list. I make lists of lists. I love the feeling of [finally] marking something off. I know the feeling, too, of starting something then something else, etc., until I make it back to the first thing I started.

Nice blog!