Monday, March 8, 2010

Wake up.
Feed my family.
Take care of my family (and their stuff).
Read my scriptures.
Go to bed.

Simple. Predictable. I like it this way.

I like when I have no where to go. I like when I have no calls to make, things to arrange, or purchase, or deliver.

I like to go at my own pace. I like to pause from cleaning up breakfast to read to T & T for 30 minutes. I like finding each bed in the house carefully made... usually. I like nap time on the couch with 2 sleepy heads in my lap just not able to keep their eyes open one more minute.

I like to thin my boysenberries a little each day, sitting in the warm sun listening to the grackles chatter in the trees. I like to pick my asparagus, one stalk at a time and enjoy each crunchy bite, still warm from the earth where it grows, all while my babes play nearby.

I like that my 2 in the middle run home from the bus to see who can kiss me first and who can kiss me the most. I like that they all love food and will eat just about anything I set in front of them. I like that they are all becoming a very efficient kitchen crew after dinner. I like that sometimes my boys shower so fast that they forget to wash all their parts. (Sillies, what are they in there for in the first place?)

I like that R is the best at putting children to sleep. I like that he knows it and enjoys it. I like that he leaves everything clean and I never have to tidy up after him (at least almost never:) ) I like when we are ready for bed at the same time. I like that he is so thankful and conscientious. I like snuggling up to him... a lot.

I like when I am in the middle of my small universe and the phone rings and a friend needs help. I like that Heavenly Father knows that I need to step outside myself and sometimes feel uncomfortable to learn and grow. I like being able to teach the few tricks I know and help when I can.

I like that when I am the one who calls, so many people are ready to help me.


Jenn C. said...

What a sweet post!

jen said...

These are my thoughts exactly. Errands are not enjoyable. But feathering my nest--worth every second.

Jana said...

What a happy, content that you take life slow even with so many crazies at your house!

Paul and Jenny Stoker said...

love your posts jen. give everyone a hug from us.

Kaylani said...

i love that you fix my funky days and this post makes me want to be just like you in every way.