Thursday, February 18, 2010

Growing up, several times a year, Midnight Magic would happen at my house. I would go to bed, unsuspecting, and in the morning, an amazing project would have been started and finished. Easter morning, my sisters and I would wake up to new dresses where there had only been a neatly folded stack of fabric and notions the night before. On the day of our Valentine parties, we would awaken to dozens and dozens of pink heart cookies lining the counter. Each one carefully frosted and inscribed with the name of one of our classmates. Amazing.

Last week, while the Greens were here for the wedding, our home became wedding cake central. My job was to assist with whatever Em needed to make it. Orange fondant, rice crispy layers and all. It turned our beautifully!

As inspiring as creation can be, I never thought that L would be the one to hatch a plan for the next cake.

Today is the birthday of the percussion section leader. He plays the quints when they march and is a nice guy. So, why not make a cake... in the middle of the night? Anyone can do this, right?

Nice job, L! It was fun to work Midnight Magic with you!

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Jenn C. said...

The cakes look awesomw!